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   There is a feeling of freshness within the atmosphere around Nutrition Matters because of the extraordinarily pleasing opportunities that continue to allow us to help others. This euphoric experience originates from the fascination with the ingredients of food. As a child I was raised on a family farm surrounded with plenty of beautifully colored fruits and vegetables that allowed my family to put healthy meals together daily. These early years fueled my excitement while I pressed toward enhanced knowledge in the healthcare field.   Nutrition has offered opportunities far beyond my early imagination and expectations. Dietitians have become necessary and valuable healthcare professionals. The general population is finally recognizing their importance. We feel that every individual needs to see a dietitian at least 1 time per year and even though most people are not aware, most insurance companies will pay for the service. What a way to go!  We continue to feel the freshness as we look around and collaborate with other people in the field of nutrition. It is so very wonderful to participate in this fresh environment and it helps us to be ourself and just breathe easily. We take the breaths and find that it is so comfortable for us to deal with our routine daily duties of life. People are involved with all types of activities and the foods selected can be both enlightening and joyful while eating. Eating is a way of life.  We know life is whatever you make it; however, the right types of food allow persons to make the better choices.   We believe that the goals we strive toward daily are more attainable if we are more aware of what we put inside our bodies. We have to distance ourselves from overindulgence in any one thing/action in life in order to be the best that we can be. 

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With the activities of daily life, it is worth the effort put forth for each individual to take time for self.  There is no one like self.  With the management of time, you will be on your role to healthy lifestyles which will include thinking as well as doing.  We offer ways to help manage the lifestyle that is productive for you.

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Nutrition Matters is interested in each individual getting the 1:1 focus they need to understand what is best for their health and well being.  The total needs of the individual will be discussed.


Services for Nutrition Matters:

Nutrition Matters provides 1:1 and group counseling on weight management, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, general nutrition and wellness.  Menu planning, lifestyle changes, discussion of goals and diet/medical history.  Health fairs, speaker engagement, and set up of wellness programs are also part of the services.  Food and drug interactions are valued at the time of service.  We want to ensure the total individual is involved and helped.

Insurance: Nutrition Matters accepts insurance carriers: 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare   Insurance can be provided for most individuals; however, a copay maybe needed according to your plan.  We check your plan with the info such as your full name, date of birth, insurance company, and telephone number where you can be reached, you provide to us at the time of your call or email and we will let you know what your insurance will do for you and your health. If you do not have insurance, there is a fee to be paid.  This fee is expected once service is provided. 


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                                                                        You are what you eat! 

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